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Feeling Stressed? Physiotherapy Can Help in Surprising Ways


Sad but true, stress is now an integral part of everyday life. It can occur with any type of positive or negative change in your life. Stress, especially negative kind, can offer illnesses and sometimes severe health issues. Stress is a condition when you are under pressure and is an instant body response to changes in life. It is very important to manage stress, or it will affect your overall health.

Causes of stress

It is an anxiety that can cause many adverse effects on your body and mind. Some stress reasons are listed below :

1. Health problems

People who have a chronic illness such as arthritis, heart disease or diabetes can face stress owing to pain associated with it.

2. Emotional issues

Many emotional issues can cause stress such as self-esteem, anger, depression and more.

Physiotherapy and stress

The time we are under stress our body produces an increased amount of adrenalin, and if it is unused, it can build up in the system and cause muscle tension along with high BP which leads to disturbed sleep patterns. Physiotherapy is a type of treatment given to patients in the form of relaxation programs, individual consultation, along with many relaxation techniques. In simple words, we can say that physiotherapist makes a close link up with the patient to guarantee a positive result .it is considered as one of the safest and best treatments for stress. Many physiotherapy techniques can be used to manage. Some of the methods that physiotherapy offers are :

  • Stretching
  • Breathing techniques
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Massage
  • General fitness advice
  • Guided imagery

How will physiotherapy benefit you?

Stress can be handled, but the main problem arises when we fail to understand our capabilities to recognize a buildup of stress in our lives and the time the level of stress exceeds it starts creating problems. So taking essential steps to get relieved from it is very important. Physiotherapy has many benefits in terms of stress management, and overall, some of them are listed for you :

  • A lower level of pressure in the blood
  • Increase vitality by reducing tiredness
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Reduces pain, anxiety and many other issues related to work
  • Massage therapy to rejuvenate the patient
  • Guided imagery

Physiotherapy is one of the best and safer alternatives in comparison to stress-relieving medications to relieve stress. Sai Health Care Wellness Centre is counted among the best physiotherapy centers that deliver high quality, physical therapy solutions. Its main focus is efficient movement, to improve function as well as to optimize the quality of life.