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Sports Injury Treatment

There is no sport known which can be said it doesn't have the possibility of injury. Every sports person suffers from various traumas in their practice time or actual matches. But that doesn't mean there is no way to tackle this. There are numerous techniques and treatments to get relief from those injuries. Some of those are discussed below on this page.

  1. Physical exercising method: For this, we provide you expert physiotherapists to guide you through exercises responsible for reducing pain, improving movement, and increasing the flexibility of the affected body parts.
  2. Using Aquatherapy: The name already suggests that the therapy includes water to treat your sports injury. You have to perform various exercises while staying in water under the guidance of an Aquatherapy expert. You don't even need to be a swimmer for this therapy.
  3. Joint Mobilisation Technique: In this technique, a certified hand therapist manipulates your injured body parts for their proper functioning and reducing the pain. This is a hands-on treatment directly to joints and muscles. This technique is used side by side with other treatment methods for better and faster results.
  4. Acupuncture: This is one of the most effective techniques used for the treatment of sports injuries. In this method, small needles are used to pin them into specific points to get relief from pain and improve recovery time. Acupuncture specialist does this process.

Causes of Sports Injury

A sports injury can occur to any experienced athlete or new, whether he is regularly practicing or not. There could be different causes for a different person for a sports injury. Some of the main reasons are discussed below:

  1. Excessive training: This is one of the major causes of muscle soreness or muscle fatigue. Continuous training for a long time results in this and thereby reducing the ability to perform appropriately.
  2. Repeated use: When you repeatedly perform a particular exercise, it imparts high pressure to a specific muscle, tendon, or tissues. It gradually makes that part non-functional if not taken care of properly. Golfers knee and jumper's knee are the injuries due to repeated use.
  3. Wrong Technique: This is generally found in newcomers or those with improper training. This will worsen your injury to higher levels. To get rid of it, you have to approach a professional coach with more considerable experience in that field.
  4. During warm-up: Some people generally get excited and not able to do a proper warm-up. This can cause ligament sprain or muscle injury.
  5. Sudden impacts: These injuries mainly occur in highly active sports like football, rugby, hockey, etc. Here, players collide with each other and fall on the ground causing various injuries. To prevent this, proper equipment is necessary.

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