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Our medical specialists care about you & your family’s health.

HealthCare Professionals

Sai Healthcare Wellness Centre is managed by a team of highly experienced and well qualified doctors. So you always get best treatment.

Medical Excellence

Helping you deal with your Physical Pains and guiding you with the ways to further take care of it. We have achieved several milestones in this journey of ours. Sai Health Care Wellness gives you an unmatched Pain Management experience.

Affordable Treatments

Affordability for any patient for any treatment is of prime importance for us. Our charges are afforadable and economical.

About our medical

Happiness is nothing more than good health

At Sai HealthCare Wellness Centre we’re passionate about our Pain Management Services. Expertise in Physical Therapy, also known as Physiotherapy, has helped us treat your Body Movement problems and minimize the pain you’ve been going through. We believe in bringing the best of the best Services for you and easing the treatment process.

  • Physiotherapy
  • Orthopedics
  • 24 hrs Admission facility
  • Modern Clinic
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pathology Tests
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Our Services

Robotic Treatment

Find the most advanced technological practices in Physiotherapy and move towards a quicker and more assured recovery.

Physiotherapy Treatments

The most Specialized Therapists are here with us to give you the best depending on your condition. If it’s your well-being involved, we do not take any risks.

Stress management sessions

With the use of Yoga and Exercise Sessions, we’ve been moving towards making the society a Stress-free one.

Clinical and Doorstep Facilities

We care for each one of you and that is why we have both, in-clinic service as well as doorstep service, for the ones who find it difficult to reach us.

Workshop for Corporates

The most stressed Humans are often found in the Corporate Eco-system. Our Workshops help them improve their Physical well-being and lead a stress-free life.

Physio Yoga and weight management

Deal with your Weight issues and find the way to a Quality living with our Yoga and Weight Management Classes.

Physiotherapy Products

The best Physiotherapy products that help you carry forward the daily exercising routine at the comfort of your Home.

Medical Spa

Give your Body a Relaxing and Rejuvenating experience with Sai HealthCare’s Medical Spa that also helps you get relief from the pain.

Cardiac Therapy

The service specially designed to improve the CardioVascular health of the individuals who have experienced Heart Attack or any other kind of Heart problem.

Ortho and Neuro Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation means correcting or restoring a deformity to its original functional state. It is used for humans to improve body movements.

Spinal Injury Treatment

The spinal cord is the core of our nervous system, contributing a significant portion to it. Hence minute injury in the spinal cord can cause severe damage.

Sports Injury Treatment

There is no sport known which can be said it doesn't have the possibility of injury. Every sports person suffers from various traumas in their practice time or actual matches.

Childcare Physiotherapy

This is also known as Pediatric Physiotherapy. Pediatric Physiotherapy is used for the treatment of diseases, illness, or injury related to infants or children.

Orthotics and Prosthetics Facilities

Orthotics and prosthetics are special services for people having amputated or distorted limbs due to some accident or any other reasons.

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