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Physiotherapy Can Cure Your Back Pain


85 % of the people at one point or another will experience an episode of back pain. The majority of these 85% people think that this pain will resolve itself without any input from a Physiotherapist or other professional.

But what about those people who experience back pain over a longer period of time?

With long-term people often feel frustrated and anxious about the back pain. This changes the way people move and hold themselves. Most people will report feeling sad or down because of the pain and the effect it has had on their lives over the course of time. At Sai physiotherapy we not only treat people, but also we educate the patients about the condition of the disease and cautions to avoid it.

But, Physiotherapy can help!

At Sai Physiothrapy we found that the back pain does not mean equal tissue damage. And there is rarely anything serious to worry about with most back pain. Pain is a complex output from the brain, which relates to actual or perceived threat. It is important to look at pain through the Bio psychosocial Model, which acknowledges the biological, psychological and social aspects of pain experienced.

There are many strategies for managing back pain including

  • Exercises for mobility
  • Strength Training
  • Balance work is proven to be a very good exercise in curing Back Pain, and
  • Stretching is a very simple and effective exercise to manage back pain
  • A walk in the morning and night can help a lot to cure your back pain
  • Avoid taking the long stairs to avoid strain in the muscle
  • If you enjoy swimming, then water is the best healer

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