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Weight management and Physiotherapy


Physiotherapists have a very important role to play in the prevention and management of weight. Obesity leads to restrictions in movement, affecting engagement in physical activity. Exercise and movement is the primary scope of physiotherapy practice.

Physiotherapists have advanced knowledge in:Anatomical, Physiological, and Psychosocial mechanisms of health and disease. Physiotherapists are therefore ideally suited to treat the physical and psychologicalcomplexities of obesity.

While the importance of being physically active is well recognized, in reality, patients often experience difficulties in doing so. An assessment and treatment plan from a physiotherapist will help overcome the barriers to exercise. It is important to facilitate patients to increase physical activity at the right level, which can be achieved by referral to a physiotherapist.

At Sai Health Care Wellness Centre our treatment plan for an obesepatient is comprised of -

1. Personalized lifestyle advice

2. Exercise for muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance.

For Obese Children and young people:

Obese children often present have a number of signs and symptoms that may limit their time spent in physical activity. These differences become more active as children get older. It needs an early focus to encourage overweight and obese children to be physically active.

Physiotherapy-led exercise classes and multi-disciplinary teaminterventions including physiotherapy input are effective in significantly improving motor skills, activity levels, BMI, and another anthropometry in children.

Our process at Sai Health Care Wellness Centre for weight management treatments are:

1. Physiotherapy management

2. Evidence-based approach

3. Assessment of medical history

4. Current physical activity level Evaluation