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Orthotics and Prosthetics Facilities

Orthotics and prosthetics are special services for people having amputated or distorted limbs due to some accident or any other reasons.

Orthotic services are used in orthopedic and neurological disorders. This is used in restoring the movement or structure of a deformed body part. Orthotic devices are used for various purposes like:

  1. To inhibit the movement of the joint in a particular direction for some specific reasons
  2. Used on the fractured part after removal of plaster
  3. To change the shape of a body part if got disturbed
  4. To get full control and functionality over the disabled part of your body
  5. Also used for managing pain in some cases where movement is responsible for it

Braces in teeth is a prominent example of an orthotic device. These devices can be further classified into Upper limb orthoses, Lower limb orthoses, and Spinal Orthoses. Orthotic services are used to tackle diseases like spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, CVA, ALS, poliomyelitis, etc.

Whereas in Prosthetic services, we provide mechanically engineered external devices used for amputated limbs or an incomplete body part. These can be called as artificial limbs to restore the functionality of real distorted ones. There are some other benefits also provided by prosthetic devices like:

  1. More control over muscles contraction and relaxation
  2. By using these, one can drive a car
  3. Walk again and even run in some cases
  4. Better than stump and socket method in having more durability

There are both types of prosthetics; Low cost and High cost. Low-cost prosthetics are mainly used for childrens and costs about 40 dollars in India, whereas adults use high-cost prostheses and primarily athletes, which costs in between 15,000 to 90,000 dollars. We offer prosthetics to all age groups and all possible sizes. For children, there are a variety of low-cost prosthetic devices like pole and crutch, PVC, bicycle limb, sathi limb, monolimb, etc. By using prosthetics with proper fitting, one can attain full control over that part again. We also offer prosthetic repair and maintenance services to ensure you free from any inconvenience or working problem.

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