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Robotics Treatment

The Physio Rehabilitation programme at Sai HealthCare Wellness introduces your Pains to the most advanced technique of Pain Management, Robotics Treatment. Physiotherapists make use of Robotics to benefit their practice effectively. The assessment and treatment offered by the Robotics Treatment is much more Effective and beneficial for the patient as well as the Doctor.

How is the Assessment done?

The use of receptors and machines has been quite prominent in the field of Rehab since years. Robotics Treatment is carried out with the use of Robotic devices which come with number of in-built receptors. With the right robotics, measures such as joint angles, velocities, amplitudes can be observed and recorded easily. This gives the Physiotherapist a better idea of your problem.


Rehabilitation & Robotics

With the introduction of Robotics in the field of Rehabilitation the treatments have sped up. Without much involvement of Doctor, the patient can perform exercises in the right manner without hampering the posture using the Robotic Machines. Doctors only have to supervise the procedure and the rest is taken care by the machines. Every movement made with the help of Robotic Machines is made at the most precisely calculated angle and this also gives the patient an idea of proper movement they must follow.

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