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About Us

Sai HealthCare Wellness Centre, a Physical Therapy ( Physiotherapy ) Clinic situated in Patna is well equipped with the most advanced methods of treatment, like Robotics Treatment. We have been passionately working day-in and day-out to help our patients get out of the physical pain their body constantly suffers. The Pain Management techniques that we follow are the most unique ones and have also helped in quicker recovery. We take pleasure in serving you and making your Life free from the traps of Physical Pains because we firmly believe that,

A sound mind resides in a sound body.

With the most experienced Doctors in the country, we have been able to bring the broadest of the smile on your face. You and your Health being a matter of utmost priority for us, we rigorously work hard to treat you in the best way. Sai HealthCare Wellness abides by its simple yet the best-suited rule, “Every Patient is a Priority.”

Assess – Diagnose – Cure – Prevent

The treatment at Sai HealthCare Wellness starts from the Assessment procedure which moves forward to Diagnosing the reason behind your pain. Following which we find a Cure to your problem. This is where most of the Clinics stop but we take an extra step and make sure the problem does not reoccur. A proper Follow-up is also taken time to time to make sure of your well being.

What We Believe :

Our belief lies in imparting you a pain-free Life ahead. With a team of Doctors carrying years of experience, we have dealt with the most severe of the pains.

Our first and foremost priority is listening to your problems and then accordingly acting on it. Listening helps us to reach near the root cause of the problem, and subsequently find the best treatment.

What We Do :

After listening to the problems, we assess your body movements. Analyse each movement with precision helps us find out the point of fault.

Then, with the use of Manual Therapy and Regular Movement Analysis, werestore the proper movement. Taking an extra mile for your well being, we even conduct training program on Exercises that help you avoid future injuries.

How We Work :

We strive hard to make you comfortable in discussing your problems and then focus on meeting your expectations.

We even go through your Medical History and connect with your Health Professional to grab a better understanding of your concern.

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