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Yoga and Weight Management Classes

Yoga, being the most powerful means of Healthy living today, has almost become a necessity for leading a Healthy & Happy Life. We, at Sai HealthCare Wellness Centre, have been indulged in Yoga practice sessions with the most experienced Yoga Professionals. Individuals with years of practice and experience in Yoga, have joined hands with Sai HealthCare Wellness and made Healthy Living accessible to all. Yoga has been a part of the Indian Culture since the ancient times and the benefit it provides is the sole reason it has survived so long.


Another issue that the population suffers is Obesity. The improper weight management is the real cause behind the rising hazardous health problems that we suffer in daily life. Doctors have found that 8 out of 10 times it is the obesity which is responsible for Cardiac Arrests. We provide regular classes to help you manage your weight and lead a healthy life.

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