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Childcare Physiotherapy

This is also known as Pediatric Physiotherapy. Pediatric Physiotherapy is used for the treatment of diseases, illness, or injury related to infants or children. It is entirely different from therapy given to adults due to differences in their anatomy. You need a Pediatric physiotherapist for the diagnosis of children for any possible disease related to growth and development and also to treat them if already present. For Pediatric physiotherapists, it is challenging to combine their therapeutic skills with in-depth knowledge of dynamic developmental processes in children for the best outcome of treatment. There is a wide range of conditions in which Pediatric physiotherapy is used for beneficial purposes. Some of them are given below:

  1. Differently abled child: A pediatric physiotherapist can treat children with differently abled conditions for their overall improvement on a physical and mental basis.
  2. In Borne illnesses: Some diseases are present in an infant from birth due to mutation or inherited from the mother. Conditions such as Down's syndrome, muscular dystrophy, congenital heart disease are some of them.
  3. Balancing problem: Child having a problem in standing still and balanced walking can be corrected with proper therapeutic measures
  4. Body posture: Sometimes, the position of sitting and standing is deformed due to some unknown reasons. These types of problems can also be corrected by using Childcare physiotherapy.
  5. Acquired illnesses: Children acquire some diseases after birth from outside, and there is no link between genetic conditions. Meningitis, poliomyelitis, malnutrition, etc. some common examples of them.
  6. Physical malfunctioning: These include dislocation of bone, ligaments, joints, etc. physically, which can be treated by a Pediatric expert physiotherapist.

Pediatric physiotherapy Treatment Techniques

Now let's go ahead and see the different treatment techniques used in Pediatric physiotherapy. The types and time of application of these methods are dependent on the illness and its severity. These techniques are used in combination with other therapeutic programs for maximizing the improvement in a short period of time. Apart from that, let us now discuss actual Pediatric treatment techniques:

  1. Physical Exercises: There are numerous exercises for correcting the movement and reflex actions of the injured child.
  2. Feldenkrais Method: This method is used to make you learn about daily routine tasks like eating, drinking, walking, etc.
  3. Kinesio Taping Method: In this method, taping is used for the healing of the injury, which has characteristics of the skin. This method is used in repairing neurological, orthopedic, and muscular deformities.
  4. Craniosacral therapy: This is a hands-on therapy for stimulation in the craniosacral region for improving its functioning. Our expert craniosacral therapist the entire neural system and restore the defects with a gentle hand massaging movement.
  5. Myofascial Release Therapy: This therapy is used to remove muscle tenderness. An expert in this therapy locates the specific points to stimulate and causes the loosening of the muscle reducing pain in that area.
  6. Zero Balancing Technique: It is said that this technique helps to direct a person to wholeness. This is an effective method for repairing both body and mind. In this technique, the therapist uses finger pressure on the areas of affected bones, joints, and tissues for their restoration to normal conditions.
  7. Other treatment methods like Lymph Drainage, NDT, and SPT are also used in pediatric physiotherapy programs.

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