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World Physiotherapy Day


World Physiotherapy Day is observed on the 8th of September every year. On this day the physiotherapists get an opportunity to raise their voices in order to bring awareness among the people about their contribution towards the health of people. The physiotherapists play a major role in keeping people well and healthy.

History of World Physiotherapy Day:

The World Confederation of Physical Therapy was founded on 8th September 1951. The WCPT later decided that the day should be celebrated as an annual event to raise awareness about the hard work of the physical therapist and the potential of physiotherapy.

On 8th September 1996, World Physiotherapy Day was observed for the first time. World Physiotherapy Day shows the solidarity and unity of the global Physiotherapists community. With the help of World Physiotherapy Day, WCPT aims at helping the member organisations to advance their expertise and promote their profession.

The theme of 2019 World Physiotherapy Therapy:

The theme for World Physiotherapy Day 2019 is chronic pain. Chronic pain is a significant burden on the health of people across the world. Low back pain has caused most disability than any other condition. The aim of the day is to spread awareness about the role of physiotherapists in helping people with chronic pain and their attempt in taking control of the patient's condition. The day will focus on increasing the activities of physiotherapists and will help improve the quality of life.

The Physiotherapists at Sai Health Care Wellness Centre have unique skills to recommend specific exercise programs which helps relieve chronic pain. The 8th of September will also provide an opportunity to Sai Health Care Wellness Centre to showcase their efforts in helping people relieve chronic pain to the world.

Resources available at Sai Health Care Wellness Centre:

The clinic has the most advanced methods of treatment which assures that the patients get out of the physical pain they have been suffering since years. Sai Health Care Wellness Centre offers several services like Robotic Treatment, Physiotherapy treatments, Stress Management Sessions, Clinical and Doorstep facility, Medical Spa and much more. Even if you have a condition that requires drugs or surgery, there is a chance of finding perfect treatment by physical therapy which will be equally effective.

On this World Physiotherapy Day, Sai Health Care Wellness Centre will be spreading awareness about the physical health plus camp which is free of cost. They also offer home services which can be easily accessed just by a missed call. The team consists of trained professionals which helps to relieve all kinds of pain without you having to do much effort.

Why is World Physiotherapy Day Important?

Physiotherapy Day is a really important day which allows physiotherapists to spread awareness among people. The WCPT provides help to the member organisations in spreading the message about the importance of the day to the people around the globe.

WCPT also provides help to the organisations in improving the quality of the treatment provided to the patients. The day is unique as it's not just focused on spreading the awareness about just the physical therapy but also the efforts of physical therapists.